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Carol Brogdon Blakeslee

Pictured With Daughter Lisa Blakeslee Meyer (On The Left) Owner & Breeder Of GeorgiaDach's

My name is Carol Brogdon Blakeslee,
 & I live in a quaint rural town in Southeast Georgia.
I'm a small in home breeder of Dachshunds.
My love for the breed began when I received one as my very first pet during my childhood.
Her name was Heidi & she was a smooth black & tan.
She was so intelligent & had such a great personality. 
After she had her first litter of puppies I remember playing with those little guys & seeing the faces of the forever homes the puppies went to.
That was when I truly realized the passion I had for the breed.
I have always been an animal lover as long as I can remember, but
ever since receiving Heidi it sparked my love & the beginning to my desire to breed.
My love & passion has grown into a love & desire to 
produce the best companion dachshunds that I possibly can.
In hopes to give their new owners as many years of unconditional love as I can.
After moving to Maryland due to my husband's job, we also bought a little black and tan miniature dachshund named Gretchen. 
She is what started me on the path as a breeder. 
 Over the years I then started to acquire more dachshunds & started my breeding program. Eventually leading me to branched out into raising longhairs and wire hairs.
My husband's job required us to move every few years.
Due to the difficulties this brought with moving dogs and finding houses that permitted pets, we made the difficult decision to stop breeding for the time. So when we moved, we only had our last two.
Fast forward to the year 2005! 
I'm  now retired & living in the country here in Georgia where I am today.
I missed having dachshunds & the love of breeding so much I decided to start a breeding program again.
With the help of my daughter who is also a breeder here in Georgia (pictured above) I started PleasantDachs.
I raise all my puppies in my home where they are loved on daily.
 My 12 grandchildren all live nearby & love coming over to help socialize & train the puppies.
By the time the puppies leave they are well adjusted, friendly and outgoing.
My puppies are trained to use cloth potty pads that have waterproof backing.
They have  also been started on crate training to help their transition into their new home.
I also play a CD for them to listen to that includes loud  & foreign noises.
Such as fireworks, thunderstorms, babies crying and many other noises that otherwise might frighten them in the future.
I have found this helps them in their days to come with adjusting quicker to their new environment.
I also like my puppy buyers to know that any puppy that comes from me will also come with a lifetime of support, help, & advice.
You don't just get a puppy, you become apart of our family.
I strive to keep in contact with the new owners & I greatly appreciate getting  photos & updates. With each puppy purchase I give a puppy gift pack that includes the following:
 A blanket with mom & siblings  smells on it,  cloth potty pads, toys, a baggie of the food to get them through till you can purchase food, the registration application, sales contract, health and vaccination records & a one year health guarantee that will replace the puppy if any life threatening congenital disease occurs within the first year.
I hope the above information is helpful & allows you to see why I am so passionate about what I do. I would love to talk with you further & get to know you more personally. Feel free to message me & lets talk about how I can help assist you in getting an amazing companion.
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