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Dam: Layla
Sire: Bailey
Paris comes to us from our good friend Shannon Bowman
of Bowdach's Cream Pies. 
She is a genuine sweetheart, & fits right in with our pack.
She loves to give sweet little kisses & prefers my lap to any other place.

Color: Longhair Blue & Tan Dapple
Carries: Dilute, Dapple, Cream.


Dam: Savannah
Sire: Bailey
Summer is the spitting image of her father Bailey (can be seen on our Sires page).
She is one of the most loving & affectionate dogs you will ever meet.
Her temperament & demeanor are just amazing.
Color: Longhair ee Cream Hidden Dapple
Carries: Chocolate, ee, black, & Pie


Savannah is our southern sweetheart. She has the best of both worlds when it comes to personality & has a laid back personality, yet can still play with the best of them.
She is very gentle, & never has an issue with any of our other dogs.
She is an exceptional mother & goes above & beyond when it comes to her babies.
She would nurse them till they left if I let her. 
Very loving & protective over her babies. 
She was definitely meant to be a mother & enjoys it immensely.
Color: Longhair Shaded Cream
Carries: Cream & Black


Poppy is our sweet & quirky girl. She definitely has a personality that will grab your attention & eyes that will just draw you in. She is very affectionate & truly is the best of both worlds. She is happy & content cuddled up on your lap sleeping, or is also very playful and ready to hang out with our other dogs & play all day. She is very good at making  you laugh with all the silly & funny things she does to get your attention. Like bouncing when she gets excited or wants something. She is definitely the total package!  
Color: Longhair Red Dapple
Carries: Chocolate, Red, Dilute, & Dapple


Layla is our sweetie! She came to us from my good friend Shannon at  Bowdachs Cream Pies. She excels at her motherly duties & is a natural at being a mom. We love that her puppies carry on the sweet & amazing temperament like their Mom.
Color: Longhair Chocolate & Tan Piebald 
Carries: Dilute, Chocolate, & Pie


Daisy is our sweet little girl! We love that her puppies carry on the sweet & amazing temperament like their Mom.
Color: Longhair ee Cream Hidden Dapple Piebald
Carries: Cream, Pie
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